Pearce Pavle-Travis Aribon

Comparison Topics

heading level 1

The path of a typical college student involves tests, papers, and often times, presentations. To enhance a presentation a visual aid is usually allowed, and a common choice is to do a slide show off a computer. The most common program used to do so is Microsoft PowerPoint, but what if you don’t own this program? There’s an easy solution, slide show programs on the Internet!
We focused on three websites offering slide show presentation development, Empressr, Brinkpad, and Zoho. These websites are all free with access to the Internet, which was a requirement. We looked for how easy it is to use, for instance is it to find how to insert a picture? Can you even insert pictures? We also looked for professionalism, is the result appropriate for a college presentation? Creativity is important as well, are colors, shapes, and background themes available? Variety is important as well, including choices of different fonts, color schemes. To test this out we used a basic format of two slides, and tried to have the same appearance on each site. We used the same background, images, and font when possible.

heading level 2

Empressr requires an account, but is still free. You can start from scratch, use a PowerPoint you’ve already made, or import a photo. This is nice because if you’ve made a PowerPoint on someone elses computer, like the schools, you could load it on to here and save it to be used on the Internet. Immediately it allows you to import photos you’ve already saved on the computer you’re on. It is also possible to add images as your background or have a background color, even though it is hard to figure out how to do this at first because they are not in the same area on the website. Audio is another option, so if you have a video or speech you’d like to share this is a possible. Empressr also has the option to have transitions between slides with different transition options. It is possible to time the slides, so you don’t have to click, which is nice if you just want to keep talking and have your presentation timed out. You can save your presentation to the internet, either publicly, privately, or privately with password. This is nice because then you can access it anywhere that has internet. Also you can work on it with a partner and not have to be in the same place. Empreessr appears to have an adequate amount of tools to make a solid college presentation.

heading level 3

Brinkpad begins without an account, but you can save it to the computer or the web, or save as a jPeg file. A nice option on Brinkpad is that you can edit your image that you uploaded right there on the website if it needs to be darker/lighter, rotated, or edit the thickness of the line. There are many visual options, like different shapes, different fonts and font colors. Brinkpad lacks the option to have audio though, making it seem a bit more juvenile, geared towards younger ages. The general set-up of the site is similar to a children’s game where they would click buttons, very simple in appearance. It is also simple in that there isn’t the option to have transitions between slides. Overall Brinkpad appears to be too simple for a college presentation, it can be compared to a digital coloring book.

heading level 4

Zoho appears to be the most organized from the aspect that it uses common symbols used in digital programs, so it is easily recognizable to a college student who uses computers commonly. It is simply set up, yet has many options, including audio, insert charts and graphs, lots of fonts. It can be saved to the computer, Internet, and even as a PDF, which makes it easier to load onto other computers. You can add notes at the bottom in the footnote, which would be useful so the presenters notes are organized with the slides and can be printed off, which is an option. The shapes and clip art selection is quite large in comparison to both of the other websites. It does lack in that it must be ran in the internet server Firefox or it will not work. This is a disadvantage because it requires downloading Firefox on the computer you are using. Overall this option is the easiest to use with the most options.

heading level 5

All the options give you the possibility to add background, colors, and shape, but some are more advanced than others. Brinkpad would be a good source for a little kid learning how to use a presentation software because it is simple and has few options, so it's not best for a college student. Empressr has many options, but still not as many as Zoho, or not as easy to find at least. Empressr is confusing and hard to use. Zoho is the most advanced, and yet is still easy to use, so it is probably the best choice for a college student. Zoho is comparable to many Microsoft programs, so if you are familiar with Microsoft, which majority of computer users are, then it is very easy to follow Zoho. The symbols and terminology used in Zoho that aren’t familiar are easy to understand as well; if you scroll over the image it clearly labels what it means. Zoho is the most appropriate for college students because of it's advanced level which is useful for that of a college student.

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