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Comparison Topics


Language Learning





(1) What kind of tool or resource are you thinking of focusing on?

  • Online spanish learning tools

(2) How is this tool useful to college students?

  • Alternative to book work, supplements class and is different to traditional lectures.

(3) How will you limit your selection of tools? Some aspects you might use to limit your selection include cost, platform (Mac or Windows), availability (web-based vs. downloadable), and so on.

  • Spanish, Free, Online

(4) What criteria might you focus on as you test the tool? Criteria might include ease of use, flexibility, potential uses, and so on.

  • Ease of use, Effectiveness, Starting level, Accuracy, Translations

(5) What process might you use to test the tool? In other words, what will you plan to do in order to see how the tool works and how it measures up against your testing criteria?

  • Using the websites, Translators, Being able to follow along
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