Site Planning

We'll use this page to discuss broad ideas for the site, including categories and content. When directed to do so, edit the page to add your comments and "sign" your comments with your username.

Class Discussion Questions

(1) What would you like to see on a web site that helps you when you’re writing college papers?

citing sources
note-taking tools
research tools
links to databases and encyclopedias (research sources)
examples of types of papers
grammar and editing

(2) What kind of papers and presentations are common in college classes and what tools are used to create them?

research papers (information and persuasive)
business reports
statistical analysis
science lab reports
stories (languages)
design concept
textual analysis
thesis/support papers or take a stance
reaction papers
company research presentation
topic presentations
collaborative tools

(3) What kind of tools do you use to help you with college course work? (note taking, organizers, making charts and graphs, sound, images, presentations)

Pixl (image editing)
audio editing

Testing Audio

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