Comparison Topics

Note: I will demonstrate how to use the wiki in class, so it's important that you're present and paying attention. I will not provide detailed written instructions for the steps I go over in class.

The link to your usernames below takes you to your planning page. You can use the planning page to plan your comparative analysis and also to practice using the wiki formatting tools.

The link to your topic below takes you to the page that will serve as your published article. When you're ready to work on or post the article, follow the link to create the page. You might find it helpful to view the Sample Article Template to see one way to format your article.

Pairs and Topics

Sample Article Template

codyb1690 and hollyla
Topic: Image Editing

nduran8 and megancm
Topic: Bibliography Makers

Elusid and coimbra
Topic: Mind Mapping

Schobe and nfasano
Topic: Social Bookmarking

hayleyd and kayzn
Topic: Photo Sharing

kristinam and iskupsky
Topic: Note-taking

Kekoa and pearcepav
Topic: Online Presentations

lukedevitt and enyeste
Topic: Online Word Processing

JoeyLaJolla and DylanRykowski
Topic: Online Spanish Learning Tools

blakea12 and dsabbah
Topic: Making Graphs

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