Comparison Planning

Planning Aid

This planning aid will help you move through the process of developing your comparative analysis. To see the steps in the process, review the Digital Students Project Assignment page (follow the relevant link from the Class Links menu above).

Step 1: Open a new tab or window and paste the URL of the wiki site into the location bar:

Step 2: Create a new wiki page by typing both of your last names, in lower case and connected with a hyphen, at the end of the URL, and then hit enter. For example:

Step 3: Your web browser will take you to a page that says that the page does not exist and asks if you’d like to create the page. Follow the link to create the page and an editing window will open.

Step 4: Change the title of the page to include both of your full names. For example: Sam Jones and Mary Smith

Step 5: Practice using the tools menu to create a link to the Comparative Analysis Topics page (page title: comparison-topics)

Step 6: When directed to do so in class, save your planning page and open the Comparative Analysis Topics page in a new tab or window. Click Edit to edit the page and add a link to your planning page. Use your full names as the anchor text. You’ll add your topic later, after I’ve approved them.

Step 7: Return to your planning page and copy and paste the following questions into the editing window. After you and your partner have decided on a topic (and I've approved it), start writing brief answers as a way of getting started on the process of planning your comparative analysis.

(1) What kind of tool or resource are you thinking of focusing on?
(2) How is this tool useful to college students?
(3) How will you limit your selection of tools? Some aspects you might use to limit your selection include cost, platform (Mac or Windows), availability (web-based vs. downloadable), and so on.
(4) What criteria might you focus on as you test the tool? Criteria might include ease of use, flexibility, potential uses, and so on.
(5) What process might you use to test the tool? In other words, what will you plan to do in order to see how the tool works and how it measures up against your testing criteria?

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